Build stronger Abs with

Empowering Antibody Development

Screen, Formulate, and Train

with predictive data from high-throughput virtual assays


Deep, quality data is the cornerstone for engineering a blockbuster antibody therapeutic.


IridescentBio blends physics- and chemistry-based predictive modelling with rigorous analytics for antibody hit screening and AI training. 


Researchers throughout the development pipeline benefit from our platform, which provides insights into binding affinity, target specificity, and aggregation risks


IridescentBio outputs deep data within the space of antibody formulation parameters like pH, temperature, and salt + other excipient concentration.


A typical run generates around 100,000 datapoints per antibody, within about one hour of compute time in the cloud. All AI-ready.


Intuitive reports are also generated to guide top-level interpretation of the data, helping biotech professionals to make more informed decisions in their antibody R&D pipelines.


IridescentBio is your cloud computational scientist on-demand.